Sináptica Technologies

Taking innovative Internet technologies to the Latin American Industry

About Us

Sináptica Technologies is latin-american company established in Santiago (Chile) the year 2003, with the purpose of developing applied technology solutions into the latin american industry.

We develop Hardware, Software and Internet solutions at early stages, to introduce them in the Telecom, Agroindustrial, Manufacuring, Retail and Financial industries.  

Once an idea succeed, we spin-off a new company!
Our staff has more than 20 years of successful track in product development, project management, and technology implementation.

Areas of Development

Solutions for large Mobile Operators

Sináptica, through its related company ANTICA S.A ., has been developing and implementing innovative IT & Networking solutions for Telecomonunications Operators since 2005.

ANTICA IWRS (Interactive Web Response System) is positioned as the leading Captive Portal Platform in Latin America,  deployed and in production in the most important Mobile Operators in the Region. 

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Agro-industry Automation
Sensing and Automation

Sináptica is helping the Agro-Industry to benefit from cost efficient technological solutions, for monitoring or automating processes that have been manual by hundred of years.

AgroSensoris a solution for sensing large crop areas by using wireless technologies, that agregate data in the Internet (Cloud based), helping agricultors to have a clear view of what is going on.

Agro Control is a microntrol solution, that is able to automate manual tasks, by using sensor inputs to determine the best process conditions, and then apply them in the production plant.


Internet of Things
Remote Sensing and Actuation

The regions lacks of sensing and actuation solutions for local industries. 

We are developing a line of IoT devices, that fit in the Data Streaming, Collecting and Processing layers.

We are looking forward to introducing some techology in Agriculture, Mining, Transport and Retail.


Cloud + Big Data  
The evolution after Business Inteligence

Sináptica implements big data clusters, in a hosted environment or in Cloud, to allow medium and large companies to analyze huge volume of data.

Our platforms are based on Hadoop, the most popular framework for distributed storage and distributed processing of very large data sets on computer clusters, and are sized depending on the volume of information and query load.

Business Centers  
An "All-Inclusive" solution for companies

Pronto Business Centeroperares a network of office spaces aimed to offer small and medium companies a "all-inclusive" model, where they can enjoy the benefits of a corporate office, in the best commercial locations in Santiago, at a very reasonable cost, without the hassle of managing a office.

PBC offers Work Stations and Private Offices, month-to-month or for longer periods. As tenants, companies can use a number of services and resources (meeting rooms, assistants, copy services, snacks, etc)

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